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  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving! Here at Arkadium, we might not all celebrate Thanksgiving in the traditional sense but that doesn’t stop us from coming together and creating wonderful culinary delights! This Wednesday, before breaking for Thanksgiving, the Arkadium New York office held its annual Thanksgiving Potluck! Employees across all teams were encouraged to sign up and cook an appetizer, entrée or dessert to share with the rest of the office. As expected, Thanksgiving throw downs were issued, challenges were accepted and delicious food was consumed by all. Enjoy all the mouthwatering photos below.

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  • Art Challenge: Zombie Madness

    Happy Halloween! In honor of this spooky holiday, we’re pleased to bring you the latest installation of Arkadium’s Art Challenge series. This time our artists were challenged to depict their most imaginative zombie. No rules, just zombie madness. Here are some of our favorites!

    Enjoy and stay up to date with more from the Arkadium artists by following them on Twitter at @arkadiumart

     Zombie Natasha Natasha

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  • Super Secret Spies: Making Work Become Your Dream Job

    Here at Arkadium, some of our values are be proactive and make this your dream job, and you’re never too busy to play a game! Our Community Manager, Brian P., has brought those values to life in his latest endeavor as customer service rep turned game designer.

    Employees across all teams are always encouraged to create their own game ideas, and our Research & Development team works to foster those ideas and turn them into Arkadium's next hit games. Whether the idea stems from a game designer or someone on the marketing team, everyone at Arkadium has the opportunity to come up with their own game idea. In this case, Brian took a break from chatting with our loyal gamers and worked to create Super Secret Spies, an open-space playground game inspired by a nostalgic childhood game of pretend.

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  • Art Challenge: Pixel Art

    We are excited to bring you our third installation of Arkadium’s Art Challenge series, which was open to all Arkadium employees. Our Arkadians decided to take a walk down memory lane, during the glorious age of pixel art. Sit back and enjoy the early days of video games as we make our favorite digital art come to life! 

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  • Game Jam 2013: BOSS FIGHT - An Intern Reflection

    Earlier this July, the Toronto, Simferopol, and New York Arkadium studios shut up shop for two days to participate in the company’s second ever Game Jam: Boss Fight! The three studios turned off their phones, stepped away from their emails, and divided up into teams to give Boss Fight undivided attention. The resulting games ranged from intriguingly innovative to downright ridiculous. Here we interview some of Arkadium’s New York summer interns, to get their perspective on the Game Jam.

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  • BEACH PARTY 2013

    What’s the best thing to do when the rain has relented and the weather is wonderful? Head to beach of course! Embracing the summer spirit, the New York Arkadium studio downed tools for the day, and headed to Lido Beach in Long Island for the 7th annual beach party. People were encouraged to bring their families and significant others to share the delicious food, good music, and summer sun. As expected, the annual pie eating, egg toss, and tug of war contests were hotly but amicably contested, making for some entertaining photos as you can see below. Check out the rest of the album here on Arkadium’s Inside Access page.

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  • Arkadium Takes Part in Come Out & Play 2013!


    This July, Arkadium participated in Come Out & Play, an annual street game festival held in New York. Come Out & Play is an arena for casual players and game designers to field test their exciting new game ideas. The Festival was founded in 2006, and annually attracts thousands of players eager to try out the original street games on offer.

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  • What's For Lunch? Game Analyst, Rob C.

    Arkadium’s HQ lies in the heart of New York’s Flatiron District, known as Silicon Alley. Besides being home to one of the city’s most iconic buildings and a burgeoning tech scene, the Flatiron District is blessed with a wealth of wonderful places to eat. Silicon Alley will fulfill your lunchtime cravings, be it pizza, salad, or an ice-cream sandwich you desire. It doesn’t matter if our Arkadians are grabbing a sub with the Sandwich Club or taking a team lunch break in Madison Square Park, lunching is a serious business at Arkadium.

    Rob, a Senior Associate Game Analyst, was kind enough to take time away from crunching numbers to give us a run-down of his favorite place to eat near Arkadium’s studio. Not surprisingly given Rob’s sense of humor, a seemingly ordinary questionnaire yielded entertaining results.

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