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  • Studio Tour: NY Headquarters

    Want a sneak peek inside the walls of Arkadium’s NY headquarters, located in the always-bustling and exciting Flatiron District? Check out this awesome video to get an insider’s view of what it’s like inside one of the top game development studios.

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  • What's On My Desk - Erin D.

    Ever wondered what an Arkadian producer keeps on their desk? You have? Well read on! 

    Erin D. is a producer at the New York Arkadium studio. Arkadians always have loads of cool toys and gadgets on their desks to keep their creative juices flowing, and Erin does not disappoint. Here is a run-down of a few of the things on Erin’s desk.

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  • Arkadium's First Ever Game Jam: Level Up!

    It was a crazy-fun two days here during Arkadium’s first ever Game Jam, which we called, Level Up! We shut down our studios and put our workloads on pause as all of our employees were given a major challenge—create a new and exciting game in only 48 hours based on the theme “symbiosis”! The cameras were rolling as all of our employees in New York, Toronto and Ukraine were divided into small teams and got to work! Watch all the fun here and see just how Arkadium comes up with the ideas for some of our most successful games. And be sure to keep an eye out for more Game Jam fun in the future!

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  • Arkadian Spotlight: Senior Producer, Tanya!

    Name: Tatiana O.

    Arkadium Studio: Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine

    University: Crimean Engineering Pedagogical University 

    Favorite Games(s): I was not a sophisticated video game player and spent my childhood playing outdoor activities.  However, Mario was my first computer game; my school years were spent with playing Need for Speed. Now I like relaxing, beautiful games, like Journey and Flower on the Play Station.

    Position: Senior Producer

    Hobbies/other interests: I’m fond of cars and enjoy driving a lot. Since I grew up in amazing Crimea, I am very close to nature and do a lot of hiking, camping and sometimes bouldering :).

    What is your favorite thing about coming to Arkadium every day?: I like the crazy dynamics, constant evolution and growth in everything. The way you communicate with people, all the processes that take place, and the problems that you get to solve are never the same. It’s never boring to spend your day at Arkadium. You always learn something new!

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  • Double Coins Weekend in Mahjongg Dimensions Blast!

    This weekend, Mahjongg Dimensions Blast is holding a special two day event to thank all you wonderful players and fans. Come join us this Saturday, May 4th and Sunday, May 5th for a Double Coins Weekend!

    For these two days only, the coins you earn at the end of your round will be double the usual amount!

    If you want to join this event, make sure you check out the Facebook event page and RSVP to let us know that you’re going. Don’t forget to “Invite Friends” and tell them about this exciting event too!

    Click here to play Mahjongg Dimensions Blast now:

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  • Get Your Dream Job: 5 Secrets to Writing a Killer Cover Letter

    Looking to land your dream job in the gaming industry? Whether you're trying to switch careers and break into gaming, or you're looking for some help on how to align your prior experienc to mach the gaming job of your dreams, Arkadium's HR Manager Olga Novikova has shared some insider secrets on how to write a killer cover letter! Check out her first tip below, and then head over to Gamasutra to check out all 5 of her secrets to writing a killer cover letter!

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  • Win 10,000 Coins in our Taptiles Saga Contest!

    We’ve been playing so much Taptiles lately, we’re starting to see tiles everywhere! Have you seen anything that reminds you of Taptiles? In your home, or in your neighborhood? What about a pet that looks like a Guardian or like Thikket from Taptiles Saga? Or a piece of furniture that’s cube-shaped like a tile? Send us photos and help us find #TaptilesEverywhere!

    Of course, the winner will receive a prize! We’re giving away 10,000 coins in Taptiles Saga to the fan that sends us the best photo of something that reminds them of Taptiles! Just follow the following simple rules for your chance to win.

    1. Take a picture of something – anything! – that reminds you of Taptiles. 
    2. Email it to before 11:59 PM on April 28th! 
    3. Vote! We’ll post all the photos in facebook & pinterest so that the community can choose the winner. The best picture will win 10,000 coins in Taptiles Saga to help you save Lumeria!

    Still need some more inspiration or ideas? Check out some great photo submissions we already have in our Facebook album and Pinterest board. We're excited to see what you'll find!


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  • Art Challenge: Department Characters!

    The Arkadium Art Department is at it again with their latest Art Challenge. Our ever so talented artists were given the tasks of creating characters that they thought represented the various departments at Arkadium. Take a look at how they see their fellow Arkadians! 



    Casual & Mobile


    Game Design




    Games for windows


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  • Gaming for Good!

    We’re thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Goodgames, a site where you can play some of Arkadium's most popular games and earn donations for your favorite cause!

    Here’s how it works: all you have to do is head to, choose from a list of 109,000 nonprofits and schools (or you can even add your own!) and earn donations for your favorite cause by playing our online games for free.

    Goodgames is the latest product from the Goodsearch family of sites, which have raised nearly $10 million for 109,000 nonprofits and schools from their supporters’ simple daily actions, such as web search, shopping, dining, surveys and now game playing. The new site features a wide variety of Arkadium’s most popular games, including card games like Klondike Solitaire, strategy games like Mahjongg Dimensions, and arcade games like Eggz Blast!

    And if you want to increase your chances of donating even more money to your favorite cause, Goodgames is hosting a contest this week only, where you can enter to win $1000 as part of their launch week giveaway! Every day this week, they’ll randomly pick two $100 prize winners, announced on their Facebook page. Each game play is an entry to the draw, so the more you play, the higher the chances of you winning for your cause.

    So next time you sit down to play some of your favorite Arkadium games, be sure to head to Goodgames so you can game for good!

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