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Have you checked out our addicting new matching game, Trizzle? Trizzle combines fast-paced match three puzzle-play with tricky combo-stacking of adorable Russian stacking dolls! You just slide the dolls and match three similar dolls to combine them into one larger doll. And you can keep matching to grow the dolls and get a massive score boost! But you have to be careful; you only have so many moves. If you run out of moves, it's game over!

Our Trizzle team has decided to share some expert tips that can help you boost your score! With these tips, you’ll find new ways to enjoy playing Trizzle!

Tip 1: Think before you match! Even though it’s tempting to settle for a match as soon as you spot one, try and scan for matches that give you the highest amount of points.  Matching 4 dolls gives you a higher score than matching 3!

Tip 2: Horizontal over Vertical! When you are faced with the decision to match dolls horizontal or vertical, always choose horizontal as this increases the chance of forming another match immediately after as dolls fall.

Tip 3: How low can you go?  Try to create matches as low as possible in the play area as this will increase your chances of triggering cascading matches when the dolls fall. 

Tip 4: Clear out doll colors. Focus on one doll color and then try and clear it out of the board.  This leaves more density of other colors to create bigger matches and combos.

Tip 5: Big is beautiful!  Try and make as many big dolls as you can on the board, but be careful about where you match them. Remember that matching 3 big dolls makes surrounding dolls jump up a size so matching them next to other big dolls is not as beneficial as matching them next to small or medium sized dolls.

Tip 6: Location, location! Placement of where big doll matches condense is essential.  You want your big doll matches to condense to the center of the game because they will affect the most surrounding dolls. The worst place to condense is a corner since it will only boost 3 dolls, while the best is the center of the playing field because it will affect 8.

Let us know how these tips helped you by sharing your new high scores with us!


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